Saturday, May 24, 2008

About Cameron Highlands

It was very nice at Cameron Highlands. Have you watch the show called "Ah Long"? You know that my Ah Mah watch some of it? Of course you don' were not there!!
We went to a high place at the Boh tea plantation and our hair was blowing up there. Then when we went in the car and wind down the windows, our hair was blowing again.
We went to the strawberry farm and then my Ah Mah picked very big strawberries.
I like the fish in the pond. Did you know it was a cat fish? Of course you don't ..., you were not there!
I like their playground. Oh yah we saw a lot of flowers that did not look very real.
And I saw 2 fly traps. The first one had sooo many flies. The second one had very little (few) flies. Then my papa took me to smell roses and then he took pictures of a bee.

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