Thursday, October 18, 2007


This is me. im an elephant! plus the zoo is smelly

this is so cute!

this is my family. plus the animal in the background is my brother.
my tua chee is taking the picture so she's not in the picture

this is the animal show we went to. we're sitting down.
its the splash show

we're walking around

These are pictures of my trip to singapore

on our way to singapore i fell asleep, and while i was sleeping, my parents stopped at nilai memorial park.

We arrived in singapore late at night

this was my room in my jee peks house

i don't pretty or cute here. i just look normal.

this is me eating dinner. yum.

tis is me with my jee che and sar cheeee
we're d pygmy hippos!

me looking at stuff at the tiger part of the zoo.

some more tiger stuff..

the tiger himself.

wait! i'll post more! :D

Last week I saw polar bear in the zoo..>

I went to Singapore with my family and my Ah mah.

I stayed in a room in my jee pek's house.

I like to see animals.

I want to post things in my blog.

I like to go there again.

Animal show was fun and I saw little mice running on a rope.

I am playing Noah's ark or something now.

Muah Ala ka zam !!!!

I saw a baboon with a big and curly tumor on the backside. It was pink and red and orange and yucky.

Monday, October 1, 2007

lauren cat Look